Do you frequesntly suffer from Imposter Syndrome or Self doubt?

Are you stressed out time?

tHE pq mENTAL Fitness Coaching Program will have a profound change on your life

Based on the (PQ) program by Shirzard Chamine it will increase your confidence,reduce your stress & improve your life.

Uncover Your Top Saboteurs
Saboteurs are the negative thoughts that become habitual and work against our best interests, particularly in challenging situations. While external factors may challenge you, how you react to your saboteurs can cause self-sabotage! E.g., the voice in your head saying, "I am not good enough to apply for that more senior role." In the program you will learn about your saboteurs & how to shift them.

How the Program Works

Join me as your Coach & Pod Leader. All you need is a mobile phone for the PQ app, 15 minutes a day to do the exercises. Plus 1 hour a week to watch the videos and 1 hour to join the pod for a weekly Zoom Group Coaching Session. Note: Group coaching session is optional, or you can engage in 1-2-1 coaching.

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What participants have said about the program...

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“I have found the program helpful in improving relationships, working with difficult people, minimising stress, self-actualisation and being empathetic towards myself. I’m looking forward to continuing using the PQ app and re-engaging with the material.” Donna, Executive

"I recently participated in the PQ Program facilitated by Kelly. I was really surprised by how much it gave me and how much it is still giving to me even after it has finished. I learned a lot about myself and others, how to deal with certain aspects of my personality that sabotage my ability to move forward on things. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is open to learning more about themselves." Nicole, Professional

“The PQ program has helped me to deal with challenging situations with a positive mindset. The program fast tracked new practices into my daily life and has improved my mindset during challenging times.” Rosemary, Manager

"I really enjoyed this course with Kelly. It made me much more aware of my reactions to people and situations. The saboteurs it identified in me were so accurate and explained so much! The techniques have helped me stay calm and collected in very difficult situations. Highly recommend! "Cassandra, Manager

The Mental Fitness (PQ) program
is used by companies such as Google, Stanford University, Amazon, PayPal.

A few years ago, I discovered the work of Shirzard Chamine, and his book ‘Positive Intelligence’ which I highly recommend and the Positive Intelligence’ Assessment.

The assessment looks at your Top Saboteurs! We all have them. Think about that internal voice that leads you to avoid situations or people, or when you play the role of victim, or perhaps when you display those A -Type Hyper Achiever traits, or are constantly making judgements about yourself or others, or maybe you are a people pleaser! There are 10 core Saboteurs and most of us have a couple that are pretty big and can cause us a lot of stress and anxiety. Which does not have to be the case. This 6-week mindset coaching program takes you through your top saboteurs and provides, mindset coaching training, strategies and coaching to reduce them.

How it Works & Your Commitment

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All you need is a mobile phone to download the positive intelligence app and 15 minutes a day to do the exercises. Plus 1 hour a week to watch the videos and 1 hour to join the pod (optional) for a weekly Zoom Group Coaching Session (optional).

What You Will Gain

While in the first few weeks you will certainly have some great personal insights, it is not until about midway through the program that you will start to experience the results. Rather than going to pre-programed often unconscious responses to situations, you will find yourself using your ‘jedi mind powers’ to adapt and respond accordingly in a positive way. You will have a greater sense of a calm, and clarity of thought and an overall more positive attitude toward yourself and those around you.

This program is used by companies such as Google, Stanford University, Amazon, PayPal.

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