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Your mindset influences your behaviours. Saboteurs are the negative thoughts that become habitual & work against our best interests, particularly in challenging situations. While external factors may challenge you, how you react to your saboteurs can cause self sabotage! eg the voice in your head saying "I am not good at this, don’t do it’" when you are asked to present at work. By discovering how they play out & when they show up, you can then start to manage your saboteurs.

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    Positive Intelligence

    Positive Intelligence (PQ) is a way of measuring or assessing how much you are mastering your own mind. The Positive Intelligence indicator (PQ) has been developed by Shirzad Chamine.

    Why this Assessment

    This assessment is free & will help you to identify your top saboteurs that may be impacting on your life. Plus, identifying situations that may trigger your top saboteurs & strategies to manage them better.